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AT&T SPI Method Variations

Valid SPINs for this system are:

143001113 - AT&T Corp. dba ACC (not applicable for 2023 FRN's or later)

143001192 - AT&T Corp.

143001688 - AT&T The Ohio Bell Telephone Company, LLC

143001727 - AT&T Michigan Bell Telephone Company

143001856 - AT&T Wisconsin Bell, LLC

143001912 - AT&T Illinois Bell Telephone Company

143002665 - AT&T Pacific Bell Telephone Company

143002679 - AT&T Nevada Bell Telephone Company, LLC

143004642 - AT&T Indiana Bell Telephone Company, LLC

143004662 - AT&T Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, LLC

143004824 - AT&T BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC

143025240 - AT&T Mobility, LLC

143037517 - AT&T Mobility, LLC

The E-rate program requires that you use the correct SPIN on your Form 471 Application for each Funding Request. AT&T has multiple SPINs based on the specific States and Services. Please take a moment to ensure the SPIN for your funded FRN is correct, based on the Region, State and specific Service. Please refer to your Contracts, Bills you receive for the service and Customer Service Records (CSR) which can help you in determining your specific service before selecting a Region on the following site: AT&T Service Provider Information Numbers (SPINs) (

You may also Contact your Account Team or the number on your bill to assist you with identifying your service(s)

Consider available tools. See link below.
Billing, Reporting, and Management Platform For AT&T Business Services, Business and Premier log-in (

ATTENTION: The following items are required to process your request to begin SPI disbursements:


See Frequently Asked Questions "What data elements from the Bill/Customer Service Record (CSR) or Billing Reports should I locate to populate on my AT&T E-rate Customer Profile (a.k.a. Grid)?" for helpful tips.

Inputting AT&T E-rate Customer Account Profile (a.k.a. GRID):

CUSTOMER ACCOUNT PROFILE: Please input your BEN and Password below to access and complete your Customer Account Profile.

GRIDs must be received 120 days prior to the FRN invoice deadline. AT&T cannot accept your request for discounts via the SPI Method after June 30th for FRN's with the standard Last Date to Invoice (L.D.T.I.) (Typically: October 28th). If your FRN has an extended L.D.T.I., your request for SPI discounts must be received 120 days prior to the Last Date to Invoice. Any request received after this date will not be processed and the Bear Method must be used.

*The actual or attempted unauthorized access, use or modification of this system is strictly prohibited by AT&T. Unauthorized users may subject the user to civil liability. The use of this system may be monitored and recorded for administrative and security reasons. Anyone accessing this system expressly consents to such monitoring is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, AT&T may provide the evidence of such activity to appropriate law enforcement officials.